Thursday, October 6, 2011

Another day; Another dollar

I've been writing guest posts for my school for a few months now and I always get a little thrill when they go live.

Western Governors University has a completely unique take on education and community. I have never met another student, yet I feel as though we're all connected. Much more so than the other schools I attended.

So after I got the tweet that my most recent post was up I ran and told my grandma (tongue-in-cheek) about "The new post I wasn't getting paid for!" :o)

She smiled, and said "That's okay, baby, cause that's some good writing"

Nothing like a Granny to stroke your ego!
And truthfully, I agree. Not that my writing is so good. But the fact that "It is okay" that I'm not receiving monetary compensation.

All we can think about is the late Steve Jobs today, and he said something that I have felt in my heart for a long time. Below is his quote paraphrased...

"When something gives you pleasure, it may have no measurable merit at the time. The fact that you are curious enough to learn/apply/do something is merit enough. The skills or life lessons we acquire as we're going along tend to pan out and become quite applicable at different points of our lives."

So the musings I write for WGU don't pay cash money, but the exposure, the feedback, the give and take of the community may come in handy somewhere else down the road. The intangibles I am gaining are worth the time and effort.

That's the way with life and relationships. Sometimes you just go along for the joy of the ride. Even if you aren't sure of the final destination.