Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wait for it

Have you ever made a decision? A solid thought-through-makes-sense decision.

Only to begin second guessing yourself after you have lived with your choice for a while. In your reasonable adult mind and you realize that the logic that brought you to this place  is still correct. And the choice is still right.

But now you are itchy. Because deciding can be decidedly easier than doing. Doing can get tricky.

When that itchy feeling comes it can be difficult to stay with our 1st mind and stick to our guns. We may be tempted to revert back to the old ebb and flow of things.

Our mind tells us that we jumped the gun and dove into these new endeavors/behaviors/worldviews too soon.

Yet if we listen to our heart it still knows what's right. And other times if we're lucky (or particularly stubborn) life/fate/the universe won't allow us to retract or retreat from our new standard. We just have to ride it out because turning around would be worse than our present discomfort.

Things have a way of working themselves out when we allow them to do so. In our minds, always in ours hearts, and sometimes through our superior adult reasoning we manage to "come around" . :o)

Here comes the sweet part. 

When we eventually wake up (again) to the realization that our 1st mind was right. Challenging at times, but right.

That's when we take a deep breath, re-focus, and just wait for it.