Monday, September 5, 2011

Like it's my last

There's nothing like the problems of another to make you more fully appreciate the goodness in your own life.

The grass always seems greener on the other side, until you discover that there's a spider infestation over there as well. Then you look back at your own brown grass and smile. It may not be the most green, but it's yours and it's safe.
Tomorrow will take care of itself
Sometimes we focus so much on getting ahead, and doing better, and attaining success that we forget to just enjoy the present. Discomfort and all.

There's a peace in learning how to soak in the awkwardness and growing pains of today, as if we will never see them again. Because in reality we won't pass through the same phases of life twice.

Circumstances may be appear similar, but most likely they will vastly different.

We will be different. Different in our perspectives, different types of problems. We will be at different places in our lives.

It can be so hard to shut out the peripheral noise and just live our present lives.

But this is the last time you will be this age, in this month, in this year, in this house. In that city, with that boss, and that shirt.

You may never move or travel in your entire life, but the moments you will experience today will not happen the same way twice.

Try to savor them, like they are your last.