Friday, August 19, 2011

Why do people run?

One evening my husband and I
came across information on a local
race. I picked the small one
and he went with the large.

Then, weeks later in the barber-shop
we came across free entries to
the Chicago Marathon. I picked that
also. Unexpected was the enthusiasm of
running everyday. The aches caught me
by surprise too. My poor legs.

Last night as I reached my
11th mile, I asked myself, "Why
do people run?" The answer, was
quite unexpected. "Because they want too."

~~I am developing a love/hate relationship w/Nike+...the joy of peaceful runs is awesome, the pain of frequent runs...not so much.

Melissa sent out UNEXPECTED as the Six Word Friday writing prompt and running seemed to fit in nicely. Feel free to join in on Unexpected prompts each Friday!~~