Friday, August 5, 2011

Slippery slopes and other fallacies

How easy it is to say
"NO!" So simple to withhold rights,
freedoms, and other endeavors from individuals.

In the name of Simplicity. For certainly,
if we grant adults true freedom,
they will choose a complicated path,
which will lead to more confusion.

And all those options will be
vastly confusing, it is better to
limit their choices. Limit the rights
of reasonable adults. In the name
of Simplicity. I emphatically say "NO!"

I speak out to say "NO!"
It is not acceptable to withhold
equitable rights for the majority's convenience.

We should address issues and complications
on their individual merits. We must
speak now, not holding our peace.

~~A late afternoon conversation with a loved one sparked a piece for this SIX WORD FRIDAY topic "Speak". Just when I though I was out, she pulled me back in  :o)~~