Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Long time coming

I am training and training and training for the Chicago Marathon. I'm not sure how "ready" I can be, but I know I want to be readier :o)

My personal best is  currently 13mins a mile at a max of 5.3miles. Which is big for me. It's kinda half-way to the goal for my Sept. 11th race of 11miles (still not close to 26.2miles though)

I'm beginning to learn that running is just as much mental as it is physical. I was watching a YouTube video of a woman relating her first marathon experience. She talked about running and knowing in her head a hill would eventually be in her path.

So to prepare she told herself that she loved hills. Which sounds sort of funny. Until you're sweating and tired and you see a hill.

Yesterday was one of those days that I had to tell myself how much I LOVED hills, and the sun, and winding trials....

And it pretty much worked. My feet didn't grow wings, but I was able to keep running/jogging. Like mind over matter.
Yet the thing I fear the most is THE WALL.
Which is runner-speak for exhaustion.  You know you're at the wall when you've reached the point of quitting both mentally and physically.

Perhaps the most accurate description of success as a runner and a person is hitting the wall and climbing over it. Limping maybe, but climbing over anyway.

One run at a time. All I can do is prepare one run at a time.
I love the Sun. I love hills. And I heart winding trials.