Tuesday, August 2, 2011

In it to WIN it

Sitting in the barbershop a few weeks ago my husband noticed the paper was giving away a few entries to run in the 2011 Chicago Marathon.

Using his smartphone, I penned a 100 word essay to enter the contest. And found out yesterday that I won a slot!

My goal had been to run the marathon for my 30th birthday. I'm a year early I guess.

I've already been training for a race on the base, but now the CM makes each run more urgent. This (now 3-week) heatwave is not making training easy by ANY stretch of the imagination!!!

Trying to rid myself of nervous energy, I've been checking out blogs and articles on racing as a rookie and one that really stuck with me was marathonrookie.com. His initial advice was to define why you were racing in the first place.

My answer wasn't hard to ascertain.
"I'm racing to prove to myself that I truly believe in living my best life, even when that means times are tough. I don't run away scared or worse...quit."
  Talk is cheap, but I'm truly in this life to win. Not just race. Not walk away or give up.

Race day in October may find me walking or running past the finish line, but either way I plan to finish. That's winning to me.

Especially since it's a year early :o)