Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I. Am. Legend.

Why do we get so afraid of failure? Why do we quit when we're so close to our goals.

I was on Twitter the other day and @HopeClark, an awesome writer and blogger I follow, re-tweeted a link of lame excuses writers make. It made me think of my own fears.

One of the excuses listed, is that we writers don't have any connections. It's common knowledge that in many industries WHO you know is more important than WHAT you know.

Well, according to that list, writing isn't one of those industries.

It made me think of my dearth of published articles, and exactly how much being a published writer means to me. And I had to ask myself why I hadn't sent any queries, or articles out lately.

The answer was simple. Because my first two pieces had been turned down and ignored. In that order. I wasn't sure what to write next and I didn't want to "bother" any editors by constantly sending them queries.

But fresh off of Twitter  yesterday I typed out a 300 word piece, and sent it out before I could tell myself otherwise.


Oh my goodness, I can't tell you how good it felt to read that acceptance email. I had been so close to letting my queries fall by the wayside. But one more submission put me closer to where I wanted to be!

I recently read The Alchemist and in it a shepherd boy is admonished to follow his dreams, follow them past his fears and limitations. His "mentor", a wise King, tells him that he will experience success immediately after choosing to pursue his Personal Legend.

When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person realize his dream.  – page 121.
However, a time will come when his determination will be tested beyond what he has ever known. It is at this point that most people give up.

Right before they reach true fulfillment, they allow fear/fatigue/rejection make them quit. So perhaps this was my success before the storm.

I'm going to soak it up because I earned it. And use it to remind myself to keeping on keeping on.

All the way to my Personal Legend.

~~Do you feel as through you have something you MUST accomplish while on this earth? What is it? Do you share your treasure with others, or is it your knowledge alone?~~