Monday, August 22, 2011


Have you ever watched in slow-motion as a friend/relative/lover slipped away from you. As the two of you lost the intimacy you once had?
It isn't sudden or anything. Not even absolute. Just a gradual slipping away.
Your spirits begin to disconnect and you watch it from afar. Is it becasue the bond has expired? Was the realtionship only for a little while or to learn a lesson.

Sometimes as we are moving forward others who we love are simply moving in another direction, or no direction at all.
This isn't about "status", but mind/thought-process or productivity.
One is studying, another is playing video games. You are getting certification, the other is shopping. Your table is filled with sight words and multiplication tables for your children, while theirs....well it's empty because they aren't home.

And the choices our friends make are just choices. Their decisions of how to allocate their time. And sometimes our choices cause us to drift apart.

What can you say when that happens, but goodbye, I love you, see you around...
"I'm glad you were my friend"
Its good to know when to stop hanging on so tightly and to instead let nature take it's course. You may in fact meet your friend at another "port" along the way.