Saturday, August 13, 2011

BMF seeks sunshine

No-one wanted less error than I.
No mistakes, no mishaps, no life.

I couldn't/wouldn't fail to do anything
but shut myself into tiny boxes
with no room to grow out.
No errors, just trials and trials
and trials. Boy, was that futile.

And I'm glad I now know.

That Trials are half the equation.
Error is essentially pivotal, a must.

So I'll take your trial and
raise you an error, and stubbornly
seek the sunshine in both obstacles.

~~~~I spent this week internet-lessly in Kansas with my mom. Transporting my Diva Granny's to her new home.

Consequently, I have had plenty of space to think about trial and error. And I realized how far I've come in accepting them both as proof of life vs. proof of idiocy.

Hindsight I suppose.

Or maybe it has spawned from having to deal with the sleep of my elders. Processing their death is causing me to more fully appreciate the kinks and twists in my own life.

During the home-going events of my Great Granny and Uncle, I learned that they made many mistakes/mishaps/disasters but they continued to live life and bless their posterity with their presence and wisdom.

If they made peace with their errors, I should as well. I no longer think a good man is without errors, he's just learned to apologize/adjust.

So, here's to SIX WORD FRIDAYS and accepting out trials and errors~~~~