Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Steady Breathing

It's amazing what the human mind can do.

Your brain can make you believe running 26.2 miles is do-able. It can cause you to discover new truths and question past assumptions.

Our minds control every aspect of our lives. Who we love, like, talk to. Whether we try, quit, or endure. The dialogues we conduct in our mind, day in and day out, shape our reality.

Do we believe that ANYTHING is possible? And if it is, are we personally capable of achieving anything?

Some people believe in miracles. They just don't believe miracles happen to them.

Others believe that human individuals produce the  "miracles" by "blessing" themselves and passing it forward to others.  But what it really boils down to is...

What do you believe?

Not the heeby-geeby believe. The what-do-I-say-to-myself-every-day believe!

The "I can get out of bed 10 mins early to meditate" believe. And the "My children will succeed" believe. Or the "I love my family for who they are, not what they do" believe.

I'm working on the "Forward Progress!" believe. The "I'm tired, but not enough to quit" believe.

Because I know that as long as I'm steady breathing I'm getting closer to my dreams.

And that's what I truly believe.

~~What do you tell yourself everyday? Or when you need inspiration? How do you "get your mind right"? Let me know in the comments :o)~~

Friday, August 26, 2011

Smoke and Mirrors

I may look like an dreamer

going out on a limb again. 

Or a tad bit crazy while 

I stand waving at the mirror. 

Know I'm busy dissipating the smoke

that tries to feed my fears.

It's not easy, just worth it.

~~Today's Six Word Friday prompt was EASY.

Many people believe success is easy, I know I did as a child and young adult. But if you lift the mirror on truly forward moving people: they are working their ass off. Dreaming is the easy part, implementation takes sweat!

Happy Six Word Friday people. Here's to hard work!~~

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I. Am. Legend.

Why do we get so afraid of failure? Why do we quit when we're so close to our goals.

I was on Twitter the other day and @HopeClark, an awesome writer and blogger I follow, re-tweeted a link of lame excuses writers make. It made me think of my own fears.

One of the excuses listed, is that we writers don't have any connections. It's common knowledge that in many industries WHO you know is more important than WHAT you know.

Well, according to that list, writing isn't one of those industries.

It made me think of my dearth of published articles, and exactly how much being a published writer means to me. And I had to ask myself why I hadn't sent any queries, or articles out lately.

The answer was simple. Because my first two pieces had been turned down and ignored. In that order. I wasn't sure what to write next and I didn't want to "bother" any editors by constantly sending them queries.

But fresh off of Twitter  yesterday I typed out a 300 word piece, and sent it out before I could tell myself otherwise.


Oh my goodness, I can't tell you how good it felt to read that acceptance email. I had been so close to letting my queries fall by the wayside. But one more submission put me closer to where I wanted to be!

I recently read The Alchemist and in it a shepherd boy is admonished to follow his dreams, follow them past his fears and limitations. His "mentor", a wise King, tells him that he will experience success immediately after choosing to pursue his Personal Legend.

When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person realize his dream.  – page 121.
However, a time will come when his determination will be tested beyond what he has ever known. It is at this point that most people give up.

Right before they reach true fulfillment, they allow fear/fatigue/rejection make them quit. So perhaps this was my success before the storm.

I'm going to soak it up because I earned it. And use it to remind myself to keeping on keeping on.

All the way to my Personal Legend.

~~Do you feel as through you have something you MUST accomplish while on this earth? What is it? Do you share your treasure with others, or is it your knowledge alone?~~

Monday, August 22, 2011


Have you ever watched in slow-motion as a friend/relative/lover slipped away from you. As the two of you lost the intimacy you once had?
It isn't sudden or anything. Not even absolute. Just a gradual slipping away.
Your spirits begin to disconnect and you watch it from afar. Is it becasue the bond has expired? Was the realtionship only for a little while or to learn a lesson.

Sometimes as we are moving forward others who we love are simply moving in another direction, or no direction at all.
This isn't about "status", but mind/thought-process or productivity.
One is studying, another is playing video games. You are getting certification, the other is shopping. Your table is filled with sight words and multiplication tables for your children, while theirs....well it's empty because they aren't home.

And the choices our friends make are just choices. Their decisions of how to allocate their time. And sometimes our choices cause us to drift apart.

What can you say when that happens, but goodbye, I love you, see you around...
"I'm glad you were my friend"
Its good to know when to stop hanging on so tightly and to instead let nature take it's course. You may in fact meet your friend at another "port" along the way.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Why do people run?

One evening my husband and I
came across information on a local
race. I picked the small one
and he went with the large.

Then, weeks later in the barber-shop
we came across free entries to
the Chicago Marathon. I picked that
also. Unexpected was the enthusiasm of
running everyday. The aches caught me
by surprise too. My poor legs.

Last night as I reached my
11th mile, I asked myself, "Why
do people run?" The answer, was
quite unexpected. "Because they want too."

~~I am developing a love/hate relationship w/Nike+...the joy of peaceful runs is awesome, the pain of frequent runs...not so much.

Melissa sent out UNEXPECTED as the Six Word Friday writing prompt and running seemed to fit in nicely. Feel free to join in on Unexpected prompts each Friday!~~

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Long time coming

I am training and training and training for the Chicago Marathon. I'm not sure how "ready" I can be, but I know I want to be readier :o)

My personal best is  currently 13mins a mile at a max of 5.3miles. Which is big for me. It's kinda half-way to the goal for my Sept. 11th race of 11miles (still not close to 26.2miles though)

I'm beginning to learn that running is just as much mental as it is physical. I was watching a YouTube video of a woman relating her first marathon experience. She talked about running and knowing in her head a hill would eventually be in her path.

So to prepare she told herself that she loved hills. Which sounds sort of funny. Until you're sweating and tired and you see a hill.

Yesterday was one of those days that I had to tell myself how much I LOVED hills, and the sun, and winding trials....

And it pretty much worked. My feet didn't grow wings, but I was able to keep running/jogging. Like mind over matter.
Yet the thing I fear the most is THE WALL.
Which is runner-speak for exhaustion.  You know you're at the wall when you've reached the point of quitting both mentally and physically.

Perhaps the most accurate description of success as a runner and a person is hitting the wall and climbing over it. Limping maybe, but climbing over anyway.

One run at a time. All I can do is prepare one run at a time.
I love the Sun. I love hills. And I heart winding trials.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

BMF seeks sunshine

No-one wanted less error than I.
No mistakes, no mishaps, no life.

I couldn't/wouldn't fail to do anything
but shut myself into tiny boxes
with no room to grow out.
No errors, just trials and trials
and trials. Boy, was that futile.

And I'm glad I now know.

That Trials are half the equation.
Error is essentially pivotal, a must.

So I'll take your trial and
raise you an error, and stubbornly
seek the sunshine in both obstacles.

~~~~I spent this week internet-lessly in Kansas with my mom. Transporting my Diva Granny's to her new home.

Consequently, I have had plenty of space to think about trial and error. And I realized how far I've come in accepting them both as proof of life vs. proof of idiocy.

Hindsight I suppose.

Or maybe it has spawned from having to deal with the sleep of my elders. Processing their death is causing me to more fully appreciate the kinks and twists in my own life.

During the home-going events of my Great Granny and Uncle, I learned that they made many mistakes/mishaps/disasters but they continued to live life and bless their posterity with their presence and wisdom.

If they made peace with their errors, I should as well. I no longer think a good man is without errors, he's just learned to apologize/adjust.

So, here's to SIX WORD FRIDAYS and accepting out trials and errors~~~~

Map Quest

Thinking back on two years ago, the degree to which I did not want to return to Chicago was not to be understated.

My husband and I had wed abruptly after high school and immediately began traveling. We never really looked back, just on to the next one. So the thought of returning home wasn't pleasant.

But now, with the wisdom of hindsight, I would not have had it any other way.

How else would I  have regained confidence in my professional abilities, if not by being hired, fired, hired, resigning, and being hired anew?

How else would my husband's dear Granny have decided to join our little family on our next move with the Army, if not by us returning home to beseech her.

And my Diva Granny, she may have died without someone to coax her, cry for her, and push her toward a safer living environment.

Coming home was not in my road-map. But the resulting experience has opened my eyes to a larger plan. A personal legend if you will.

One that believes detours are sometimes OK. Essential even.

As I sit in the terminal, readying to leave Kansas and my Diva Granny in my mother's care, and return to Chicago....the peace/joy and contentment I feel is indescribable. We don't always "GET" our paths right away, but that's OK.

Because hindsight is 20/20.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Slippery slopes and other fallacies

How easy it is to say
"NO!" So simple to withhold rights,
freedoms, and other endeavors from individuals.

In the name of Simplicity. For certainly,
if we grant adults true freedom,
they will choose a complicated path,
which will lead to more confusion.

And all those options will be
vastly confusing, it is better to
limit their choices. Limit the rights
of reasonable adults. In the name
of Simplicity. I emphatically say "NO!"

I speak out to say "NO!"
It is not acceptable to withhold
equitable rights for the majority's convenience.

We should address issues and complications
on their individual merits. We must
speak now, not holding our peace.

~~A late afternoon conversation with a loved one sparked a piece for this SIX WORD FRIDAY topic "Speak". Just when I though I was out, she pulled me back in  :o)~~

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

In it to WIN it

Sitting in the barbershop a few weeks ago my husband noticed the paper was giving away a few entries to run in the 2011 Chicago Marathon.

Using his smartphone, I penned a 100 word essay to enter the contest. And found out yesterday that I won a slot!

My goal had been to run the marathon for my 30th birthday. I'm a year early I guess.

I've already been training for a race on the base, but now the CM makes each run more urgent. This (now 3-week) heatwave is not making training easy by ANY stretch of the imagination!!!

Trying to rid myself of nervous energy, I've been checking out blogs and articles on racing as a rookie and one that really stuck with me was marathonrookie.com. His initial advice was to define why you were racing in the first place.

My answer wasn't hard to ascertain.
"I'm racing to prove to myself that I truly believe in living my best life, even when that means times are tough. I don't run away scared or worse...quit."
  Talk is cheap, but I'm truly in this life to win. Not just race. Not walk away or give up.

Race day in October may find me walking or running past the finish line, but either way I plan to finish. That's winning to me.

Especially since it's a year early :o)