Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Stimulate your Mind, man!

I have no clue why that line in particular ("Stimulate your mind, Craig!!") by Chris Tucker in "Friday" has stick with me. But it has.

As a teen, my mom and I would randomly say those lines to each other or about people we met. It would always give us a good laugh.

But in all seriousness, giving our brains, bodies, and children different sources of information and enjoyment is the best way to achieve and maintain mental growth.

That things we don't use begin to shrivel/shrink/fade.

"Use it or Lose it"

My son reminded me of this fact around 10am this morning. I had started swim lessons for the boys several weeks ago, but took a week off. It ended up feeling like two weeks due to the holiday. So when we came back today he had lost his water confidence, just that quick.

The entire session was a struggle. He didn't want to get wet, submerge, float or play. It made me realize we have to keep at this swimming thing going in order to keep his senses stimulated and fully acclimated to the water.

Or take my ankles after an inaugural run yesterday. They were screaming bloody murder! I will have to work hard in order to keep them stimulated and strong. (Pass the ice pack, please!) :o)

Just food for thought, I suppose.

Tell me, how you stay stimulated? Through work? Play? Children? Share your view in the comments! :o)