Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Seeing past my shades

How is it possible to have your whole perspective change from one conversation? One profound conversation and the way you look at God, the world, and religion is turned on it's head.

My blogger friend Molly, wrote about New Eyes, or seeing things from another perspective and her words touched me then. But I suppose people weren't the only thing I needed to give another look.

Have you ever been angry. Like seething in rage and hurt, and you consciously decide to move on. The pain isn't necessarily gone. But you decide you are done dealing with it.

That's basically where I was in regard to God/religion. (Don't worry, this is NOT a religious blog, and will not become one!) :o)

I've been under-the-surface angry for many moons, now.

Angry that the bible was used against Blacks to terrorize and dehumanize their families/communities. Angry that scripture is used to deny LGBT people equal civil rights and respect.

Pissed that women are often subjugated because of religious beliefs. Pissed that some preachers attain prosperity on the backs of lower/middle income congregants.

Then, in a two hour conversation I was reminded of LOVE.
Because God is not in the HATE, injustice, subjugation, and manipulation. Men are. God isn't.

Reminded that love is universal. It's in the hall, synagogue, church, prison, brothel, mosque, temple, park, and hearts.

When love is in our hearts that is GOD.

And now I see it. I see it. Are all my issues with religion cleared up and disappeared? No.

However, I am definitely seeing past my shades, or beyond the things that have shaped my opinion/worldview/perspective.

This blog is mainly about introspection. With the purpose of living a truer, and more thankful life. So LOVE factors into that equation quite nicely.

Know what I mean?