Sunday, July 31, 2011

Life in Death

We buried my grandmother Saturday afternoon. And the process, the whole mourning/remembering/homegoing process was rather cathartic.

My sis and I spent Thursday night sipping wine and talking with my grandpa and aunt. It was probably the realest/rawest conversation I've ever had with him. And I didn't realize just how much I needed it.

The four of us, plus my eldest on the floor watching "Victorious", exorcised a few demons.
You know those pesky things that cause you to mimic the poor behaviors of your ancestors, sometimes without realizing it.
And I couldn't help but think that although, one of my libraries is forever closed, that of my dear great grannie Laverne...I thank god grandpa is still open for business.

Because the wisdom he shared brought life to our hearts in the midst of death.

This morning I received word that another member has passed. My great uncle. And as I steel myself for the continued aging/sleep of my elders, I will endeavor to look for life/wisdom/clarity in death.

Its the least I can do in their honor.