Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Harry Potter and the Heat of Azkaban

The sun has gone down on the 3rd day of this Chicago heatwave. The Weather Channel says its 90 degrees, and we feel like 98!!
It's as if the words cannot form in my brain. I've managed to get some homework done, but not much else.

My boys have been on a Popsicle Diet all week, so they're not complaining. Grateful for small blessings :o)

Still, the only thing that can save me now is wizardry! I seemed to have missed a Harry Potter debut here or there over the last ten years. So my husband and I are marathon-ing them in an attempt to have a Friday night date with the FINAL CHAPTER. (cue eery music)

Oh, and by way of update, swim lessons have been going along swimmingly this week...

I hope you all are much cooler than we are here :o) Ciao