Friday, July 15, 2011

Generally speaking

Well...they got there somehow, right?
There couldn't have been a miraculous
moment, when suddenly things were as
they should be. By nature's law
there had to be labor involved.

The ease you're witnessing between that
couple, it took years of honesty
and communication. They worked at it.

Your neighbor's "rapid" ascent to the
top? It probably took 20 years.

Generally speaking, everyone starts at the
bottom. So, all the wishing and
hoping, and praying won't do you
any good without paying the price.

So I wonder, are your "dues" paid?

I am still paying every day.

~~I keep talking to people who are hoping for things. Hoping their relationships will improve. Praying their children will grow up to be self-sufficient. Wishing their future were brighter.

And I am having the darnedest time trying to keep myself from saying, "But what are you willing to DO?" Because that seems to be the real crux of the matter. What are we willing to do, to get what we want?

I want a closer/more intimate relationship with my husband, children prepared for life and achievement, to be respected as an expert among my professional peers, and possibly an adopted little brown daughter.

And there will most certainly be dues I will have to pay in order to have the things I I'm busying trying to pay them.

On a lighter note, I know Melissa would love for me to send you to her place to learn about Six Word Fridays! So that's what I'll do :o)~~