Sunday, July 24, 2011

99 years is a long time

My great grandmother passed today. She was 99 years old.

I saw her last year and she knew the difference between my mother and I. Which was quite a feat since she had a bit of dementia and people often confuse me for my mom.

My boys got to meet her and draw her pictures of grass and other randomness. She appreciated their art and ate ice cream with them.

Grandma Reed was a tough cookie. Alive to witness the great Mississippi Flood, segregation, Jim Crow, and many wars. She refused to leave MS, even when droves of blacks, including her husband left for the Promised Land that was the North.

Laverne stayed in her house until her 90's, when my Aunts begged/coerced her to finally join them in Chicago. She didn't come without a fight.

But thankfully she died without one. Granny ate breakfast, lunch, and laid down to nap. And heaven took her.

I once read a quote from a tribal leader in an Indian paper (Granny was part Indian), "When an elder dies, a library is lost."

Although I rejoice that my Granny is resting and free from pain, I still mourn the library of life/wisdom/sight that went with her.

Love your Grandparents while they are still here. While you can still read their "books".

~~CORRECTION: My great-grandmother lived for 97 years.~~