Friday, June 17, 2011

That kind of love

O magazine arrived in the mail.
It held another Martha Beck gem.
"How to get your Loved Ones
to do what you want". And
the answer? By loving them
no matter what. It takes a
certain kind of discipline and heart
to say, "I love you, and
I don't care what you do!"

This type of love is foreign.
But here's to learning new languages!

In living my best life, I
must let you live yours, with
no strings attached. I love you
best when I just love you,
no matter what. Its a new
kind of love I'm trying, love.

~~ It rained last night, so the air is mighty fresh. A new KIND of air, if you will....:o) Happy Six Word Friday! You can join this meme over at Melissa's place.~~