Friday, June 24, 2011

See you at the Cross-Roads

If I want this, I mean
REALLY want this. Well, then things
are going to be a little
different around here. A little more
FOCUSED. Perhaps a little more selfish.

I mean, ultimately, its us against
the WORLD. Our little clan, together.
We're at the crux of so
many things. But if we really
want this, I mean REALLY want
this. We may not be able
to say, "Yes" to everyone who
needs a favor. Or answer the
phone for every call. If we
want this, things will have to
change. This is some next level
best life stuff we're talking about.

That "What I want to be
when I grow up..." is just
around the bend. And if we
REALLY want this, then they'll just
have to understand. Cause we're at
the cross-roads, and it's our time.

~Another Six Word Friday is upon us. The prompt was: IF. The possibilities are endless with If.

And right now I feel as though my family is on the cusp of many things, we just have to "step our game up" in order to achieve some of our highly sought after goals. In reality, that's the story for most people. You come to a point where you can plateau and stay comfortable, or grind and elevate. Its all about what we  are willing to do to maintain progress.

If you'd like to join in for Six Word Fridays, you can find out more here. Have a great weekend all :o)~