Sunday, June 5, 2011


Here's a story...

of a lovely mother...

whose was busy with two boys of her own....

I read a blurb about a book, Hiroshima in the Morning, which so sounded beautiful, that I downloaded it on my Kindle and devoured it over the weekend.
(Five weekends ago to be precise, and for some reason this post was in my draft pile and never published. But that's another story.)

Author, Rahna Reiko Rizzuto , wrote a memoir about traveling to Japan in search of the Hiroshima atomic bomb survivors.

Along the way she learns about herself, her choices, and subtly her entire paradigm shifts.

Rizzuto relays the experience of leaving  her two young boys and spouse for 6 months to pursue her passion.  Many felt she was negligent, and her support network from the States shrunk dramatically.

Post-trip and post-divorce, her husband was not interested in the "new" her, Rizzuto gave custodial rights of the boys to the father.

But despite remaining an active parent Rezzuto has still been tagged by some as a selfish mother.

What ensued after her book's release is a huge debate on motherhood and parental responsibilities. Which, I believe, is much needed.

Over the years my thoughts on child-rearing have evolved, and so have my traditional opinions on motherhood. Parenting is a two person/or more job. Mom is not the be-all, she's just part of the team that should be lovingly surrounding a child.

I'm sure there are many thoughts on motherhood, what's your take?

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