Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On letting go

I am beginning to realize, more and more, that you can only do so much. Really. Then you have to step back. Whether it's with opportunities, relationships, children...

You can only do your best and then let the chips fall where they may. Sometimes we want things so bad/strongly for  someone else. More than they want it themselves. Or perhaps we want more for ourselves than we're ready for.

And our desire for this thing begins to consume our thoughts and ultimately our actions. We may want to manipulate the person/situation in order to reach the desired end. But even if we did get the "goods". Snag the relationship. Get the job. Secure the wealth....

Will it last? Can it blossom?

Is it feasible for someone who was not motivated/educated/dedicated enough to strive for individual achievement to MAINTAIN after all is said and done? And I not taking about simple "hand-ups", like giving scholarships or dispensing requested advice/wisdom...

I'm thinking more along the lines of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" (for example).

On the show a particularly charitable or suffering family gets a complete home makeover. The only problem I have is that the new home is lavishly bigger and more intricate than the demolished one. Why not give the family a new home comparable to what they had? 

How can they realistically handle a brand-spanking new "toy" that they've had no previous experience with? What about taxes and increase utilities? They haven't been prepared for this new lifestyle!

I used to be so apprehensive of failure, of mistakes, of long unbearable waiting periods. But I've come to realize, that as sucky as they are, mistakes are just practice sessions for success. If there is no trial and error, how will I  handle tough hang-ups later.

And long wait times are meant to be filled with activities, like living!

Without failure there would be no experience to draw from.  And without delays one can not fully appreciate the rewards.
 So, I suppose, I'd rather be prepared for the next step, (and it truly be my time to shine) than be thrust into a "blessing" prematurely.

What are your thoughts? Can you push a person along toward lasting success or is accomplishment a lonely road? And is patience truly a virtue? Let me know your take in the comments ;O)