Thursday, June 2, 2011


Webster's (LaQueshia's) Definition of a MOMcation: Mom alone, stress-free, away, smiling

A promise to myself, finally kept.
Because after Iraq it just wasn't
logical. And after Korea there wasn't
any time. Then came Afghanistan, sigh.
We reunited our family last fall.
Now without further ado... real MOMcation!!!!

Wondrous carefree days without my spouse/job/sons.
Fours days and three books later,
I am back and refreshed. Smiling.
So glad I kept that promise.

~~Sometimes we all just need a break. It's been years in the making, but my soldier has been home for a while and South West had a ticket with my name on it :o) While in Kentucky I may have been sleeping in and staying up late (watching Oprah reruns galore) but I still thought about the gaggle of women churning out their exquisite SIX WORDS! Better late than never, a commitment kept :o)~~