Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you

Apparently I have not posted on my beloved blog since the 5th of June! What have I been doing with my life?!?! :o)

Its seems as if I been ripping and running for two weeks there's plenty of "absence blame" to go around :o) We're doing an ala carte summer with the boys this year, which requires a considerably higher amount of effort than just setting them up at a Camp.

And while all that planning was under way, I helped pack up our classroom, watched the fifth graders graduate, saw one of my grannies off to the Virgin Islands, and organized two closet spaces for my family.

Oh yea, and I'm still in the throws of planning my 10 year High School Reunion. (One question: Why didn't any one tell me that Facebook has made in-person reunions all but obsolete?!?) sigh....

All that aside, I wanted to take a quick inventory of what I learned this school year (both in college and the classroom where I worked). Wondering if any of you gained new insights this year as well.....

1.) You can't judge a book by it's cover.

I already knew this, but I experienced its truth on a deeper level this year. We just don't know a person's story, and should reserve judgement until we do; or perhaps until forever.

2.) Dance with the one that brought ya!

Whether its my husband, who is quirky, but is always worth his weight in gold (and donuts), or my family that is becoming more FUN and less dysfunctional; you should not turn your back on the people who have supported you the most. Because when the chips are down, its those clowns who will always have your back.

3.) I like small children.

I'm in a Teachers' College, work in an elementary school, and have three young guys of my own. But I've always wanted to work on the middle or high school level. I thought those kids were more my speed, since we could most likely have deeper conversations. But working with Special Needs elementary children taught me that connections are everywhere, we just have to be plugged in.

4.) I am passionate about education. I can do this!

Amid times or self-doubt, or those days when I am counting down the clock to 4p.m., I still want to teach. My neck hair still raises every time one of my kids "GETS" a concept, or masters problem. This is me, a learner, teacher, gather. And I know I can do this.

Right now, I'm still dog-tired. But also excited for summer, and all the places we'll go :o)

So tell me, tell me, tell me.....what has 2011 taught you so far? And what will you do with your summer?