Thursday, June 2, 2011

I finally had an AHA! moment with Oprah

For years and years I've seen the Oprah Winfrey Show.  And though I've gathered wisdom aplenty (she's the one that convinced me to always keep a utility bill in my name). I must say, I never got the infamous AHA! moment that so many claim to have received.

The AHA! experience is that moment when a new piece of information shifts your perspective, changes the paradigm, removes the scales from your eyes. And after two decades seeing "O" as a child, teen, and now adult I finally got an AHA! of my own.

1.) On Oprah's final episode, while discussing female inmates who had murdered their children, she said, "All pain is the same. People just react to their hurt differently." That concept really opened my eyes. I often wondered how some could be callous or seemingly evil, but perhaps they are just hurt people. Walking wounded. AHA!

2.) Then, Oprah admonished her audience and the viewers to find whatever it is that makes them happy and DO IT. She warned that everyone is not so lucky as to be compensated for their love. However, we should still pursue that thing that gives us immense pleasure everyday and whole-heartily. Even if we have to keep our day job. AHA!

And as a side note, my sister is so awesome for DVRing all those episodes and keeping them for me during my MOMcation, because I was able to see the "Where are They Now" show with Bo Derek, MC Hammer, and Pam Grier. MC Hammer knocked my socks off.

After he became a rap king in the 90's, MC Hammer went broke. And honestly I thought that was the end of his story. Well, away and out of the limelight Hammer has been mastering Social Media and networking with the folks at in Silicon Valley. He said something that really registered with me, "Twitter can just be about what sandwich you ate today, or it can be a tool to help you build your brand." Another AHA! 

I have been struggling in my head about what my heart knows is best. Which is to take a year off from work to finish school. And Hammer gave me another perspective on how to work at home. Not only by having super productive college terms, but also working on building this blog and my Twitter account. I want each venue to effectively reflect the energy and information I want to put out into the world.

So, thank you, Oprah. It may have taken me 25 years, but I finally got my AHA!