Friday, May 20, 2011

Charming isn't it?

Everyday I drive past my city-limits,
into the neighborhoods of those who
live charmed lives. People who waited
to have children. Those with six-figure
homes. With patios, sun-rooms, and dens.

Everyday I gaze out the window
wistfully as I pass the pristine
school buildings and amicable crossing guards.
If only my life was charmed.
The help would tidy my lawn. 

Then suddenly, my husband's voice breaks
through the internal dialogue and chatter.
"What if we accepted our lives
as they are? What if we
stopped accommodating them and instead accepted
ourselves for what we are now?"

An officer and an educator together.
Three strapping boys and a dog.
Living comfortably in their warm home.
Eating Lucky Charms around the table.
Making silly diddies in their car.
Able bodies, strong minds, determined spirits
willing to be our own charms.

We are not there. That's ok
because it means we're here together.

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