Friday, May 20, 2011

Charming isn't it?

Everyday I drive past my city-limits,
into the neighborhoods of those who
live charmed lives. People who waited
to have children. Those with six-figure
homes. With patios, sun-rooms, and dens.

Everyday I gaze out the window
wistfully as I pass the pristine
school buildings and amicable crossing guards.
If only my life was charmed.
The help would tidy my lawn. 

Then suddenly, my husband's voice breaks
through the internal dialogue and chatter.
"What if we accepted our lives
as they are? What if we
stopped accommodating them and instead accepted
ourselves for what we are now?"

An officer and an educator together.
Three strapping boys and a dog.
Living comfortably in their warm home.
Eating Lucky Charms around the table.
Making silly diddies in their car.
Able bodies, strong minds, determined spirits
willing to be our own charms.

We are not there. That's ok
because it means we're here together.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Thanks Ma

Undoubtedly my mother gave us girls
the wisest words we ever heard:
A soft answer turns away wrath,
but grievous words stir up anger.

~~Six Words Friday is here again and this week's word was: wisdom.~~

My mother had poor relations with her brothers and sister most of her youth. She was determined that my sisters and I would be Best Friends Forever!

We were not. Initially, anyway. But her lessons in kindness and kinship are the reasons my sisters and I are now and will always be BFFs.

And now I try to teach the same lessons to my sons: do not say mean, angry, and hurtful things to one another. Because in the end, family is all you've got.

Thanks for the wisdom, Ma!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Teflon Don(na)

I  am the only the young married woman grappling with the meaning/terms of LOVE? As in, what can love cause rational/savvy/smart/quirky women to accept and do?

And will I become one of those hopeless women who will do ANYTHING for love? (ummmm....never!)

I think I may have a love/hate relationship with this emotion. On one hand, I know in my heart that hot/heavy/passionate love is to die for.

My problem comes in at the "to die for" part. Because that's the irrationality! Yes, I love my children enough to face death in their stead. But another adult? A man?
Now, that's crazy!
Yet and still, it's this crazy/in/love feeling/existence that I desire. But I just can't let myself go there. Because to go crazy/in/love would be too real, too vulnerable. Foolish even.

Haven't I seen enough women done in by crazy/in/love. Isn't that how your heart gets broken and trampled on?
So what, if I never get that complete irrational romance, aren't I'm safe/whole instead.
 And that's the trade-off, isn't it. Safety vs. Crazy. How's that for a shitty compromise.

And I never thought I'd say this, but I think I may need/am ready for some crazy. This page in my life has me realizing that I have to let some crazy/in/love into my heart.

But that's the hard part folks! Especially for me, a feminist/realist/survivalist. I love my man, but I've always loved my unbroken-heart more.
But I think it's time I gave him my naked heart, instead of the one that's wrapped in a protective coating.
~~ Anyone else leaving their safe(harbor)? Do tell/share :o) ~~

Friday, May 6, 2011

Expect Delays

This simple prompt has me fixed!
My words generally flow like fresh
water. But today I am directionless.
Here's what I will not say:
No talk about my past mistakes.
Or reminiscing about what has gone
before. Not the wars, civilian deaths,
nor Osama bin Laden. Demands of
long form birth certificates are too
arduous for me to revisit today.
Or properly educating our nation's children.

Those are not things to tackle.
Surely, tomorrow will bring an epiphany
about what to pen for "yesterday".

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nothing like the dougie

Need a mid-week pick-me-up? I know I did!

Well, the FLOTUS delivered :o) Below she's dancing with school children in D.C., to the "Let's Move" anthem by Beyonce:

Monday, May 2, 2011

Look at us now

Last night our President delivered some bedtime news to the nation: Osama bin Laden was killed.

And after the skepticism wore off, and the shock.
I felt incredibly saddened.
Saddened that one evil man, Osama bin Laden, was able to orchestrate the murder of over 3000 American citizens. And then, in what seemed like the right thing to do, America sent our armies into Iraq and Afghanistan.

Who knew that Osama's demise would ultimately come from the work of a small elite group/alliance of stealth fighters?

In his address, the President mentioned the empty chairs and hearts the tragedy of 9/11 has left.

Then I thought on the additional 7000+ empty chairs/beds/homes/hearts the War on Terror has left.

Osama bin Laden is dead, and so are thousands of our sisters and brothers-in-arms. And I dare not overlook the 300,000+ Iraqi and Afghan civilian causalities as well.

Pardon me if I am not rejoicing in his death.

It feels like moments of silence, for the fallen, are more in order today.