Saturday, April 30, 2011


This week I had a success. As an educator.

There weren't any roses on Monday & Tuesday... but by Wednesday my writing student won.
Which means I won. You see, this guy is rather funny/difficult/independent/lacking.

He has a clever sense of humor but is dramatically behind his peers in every social, emotional,  and academic cohort.

We write together three times a week. But it was always more like he scribbled and I interpreted. In fact, my preschool son was a bit more legible than he.

I had been pondering his predicament and brain-stormed with staff.  It wasn't enough for me; to be the only person who knew what he had written.

One idea was to start re-introducing and practicing individual letters with him. As well as giving him an opportunity to write on grammar paper, to help with structure.

First came the letters' re-intro, which went pretty well and allowed me to focus on his penmanship. Next came the grammar sheets and GOSH (!), the difference was night and day.

For the first time,  my peers could actually read what he had written, without my interpretation!

As an parent I constantly evaluate whether I would want ME as my childrens' teacher. Am I an effective educator? Do I respect my students needs and abilities?

Sometimes I feel liking I'm just not cutting the mustard. But this week folks, I had #tigerblood :o)

And it feels good. Kinda like I'd hire myself. Experiences like this are why I teach. And why I must master my profession, one day at a time.