Friday, April 22, 2011

My Diva Granny

This is for Diva Granny now;
who through 2 marriages, 5 strokes,
3 or 4 seizures, several jheri curls,
red hair dye, alcoholism, chitterlings, pigfeet,
and circus peanuts is still here.
In her nursing home, painting her
nails red. That's her signature color.
At peace. Getting weekly salon visits,
and eating food without enough salt.
Exercising 60 minutes a day. Receiving
Harry & David fruit in the mail.
I'm grateful she's here to ask
about our children, jobs, sexual health,
my school work, and her exes.
Too many blessings to ever count.

~The is my Six Word Fridays post. Wanna join in the fun? Visit Melissa here to learn how!~