Saturday, April 2, 2011

2 things I'm thinking about

1. The moment Margaret, in All Different Kinds of Free, knew the Master would never let her leave his plantation "honorably", that she'd have to get the hell outta there herself.

I have frequently pondered why a slave would stay in bondage? Why wouldn't they revolt? Run away? Or even commit suicide in protest? What I've come to realize is that people largely want peace and order life. No, enslaved African-Americans did not enjoy bondage.
But how reluctant would I be to slit the Master's throat? To run, not knowing the outcome?

Fantasy can be much sweeter than reality. And it is easy as a reader of history, to call those who stayed passive, when I have yet to attend a public rally/protest against Wars/AIDS/Education inequality.

I salute those who attempted to run to freedom and  I empathize with those who stayed.

2. There are currently more African American men incarcerated in the United States of America (846,000 or 40.2% of inmates), then were male slaves prior to the Civil War (1830). (The Root) (Wikipedia)

And to think, as these men return to their communities, they will lack education, voting rights, and marketable jobs skills. And those who were imprisoned for drug use/possession will leave jail still battling with the same issues that landed them in prison originally.

And so the cycle goes. Lock em' up and throw away the key, how's that working for us?