Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Secret

I'm not sure how I managed to miss The Secret mania, a few years back. But I did. Just happened across the book in my Kindle store (while searching for something else).

The prologue was intriguing enough to merit the cost of the download. The book is based on/explores the premise of The Law of Attraction. Essentially, we humans, draw our lives and outcomes to ourselves through our thoughts. Which, apparently, is why some of us experience great success, while others flounder for a lifetime.

I can see both truth and exaggeration in that thesis, but since we're taking a mini family vacation this weekend, I'm going to plow ahead and see what the Masters (people who have experienced great wealth and success in life) have to say.

:o)By way of update: I have yet to finish this book. As I said before I agree with the basic thesis of controlling your energy/thoughts/motivation and thus redirecting your life. However, in my opinion, this book takes it a little too left field for me.