Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lent things

Can you believe I never knew what Lent meant?? One of my kids' mother brought a Kings' Cake (quite tasty) complete with a hidden plastic Jesus, to class today. She proceeded to give us a mini-lesson on this time of year and what her family does to commemorate it.

Lent, essentially is the time between Ash Wednesday (tomorrow) and Easter, when people of various Christian faiths fast/sacrifice in remembrance and preparation for the celebration of Resurrection Sunday (when Christ rose from the grave).

All this new info led me to ponder what I could/should give up though out this religious period. Fasting has always brought me greater clarity, and since I am seeking wisdom, why not join my Jewish/Catholic brothers and sisters in preparing for Easter.

So now for my abstaining....I agreed with one of my homies to collectively refrain from complaining for the remainder of the week (and we'll be checking in with one another). This is no small task since each morning I generally curse under my breath for having to stand in the cold on playground duty. However, it's definitely a sacrifice that can and should be done. Gratefulness has it's own rewards.

So that's that.

But, I think I want to take this a bit further... and resist sweets during this period as well.

Of the two, sweets is the bigger deal to me. I am an out and out sugar head, so I'm resolving to banish candy/desserts/etc. from my mouth until Easter morning. If that doesn't give me clarity, nothing will!

Heaven have mercy! ....I'm going in

What, if anything are you doing to participate in Lent this year?