Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's like that?

Wisconsin Republicans decided to go ahead and thwart the will of the people by ramming the anti-union bill through Congress.

Not only did the Senate strip away all the budget provisions, in order to avoid needing a quorum, but they also failed to provide their Senate colleagues, and the public at large, 24 hour notice of this vote.

Stripping the economic features of this bill was altogether shady (since that was the very premise Gov. Walker tried to sell this bill on).

But not allowing a full and open vote on this new "stripped" bill is downright ILLEGAL.

And now I'm really beginning to wonder why the national democratic committee as well as the President have been so quiet on this entire episode. No governor, party, or committee are above the rules we use to legislate.

This whole, changing the rules, while you're playing the game thing, is crazy!

And just because you think your side is right, does not mean you can illegally implement your ideas.

I sincerely hope the Wisconsin Supreme Court and Attorney General recognize/abide by the rule of law much better than these Congressmen do.