Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I had to watch the Chris Brown/Robin Roberts for myself before penning anything on the subject. And you can see the interview below:

So, my take-away from the interview was the Chris seemed pretty closed off from the beginning. His body was turned away from Robin and he failed to make direct eye contact with her. It was kinda like the Vice Presidential debate in 2008 when Sarah Palin essentially told Gwen Ifill, she would be answering the questions how and when she wanted; for her fans/America.

Do I think Chris Brown should have expected questions similar to these and had a concise prepared response? Yes! He beat a woman bloody! I would hope someone would ask about it. Still, toward the end of the sit-down, I did think she was belaboring the issue, however, a clear answer on Brown's part could have took the air out of that balloon. The onus was on him to be courteous and responsive, not Roberts.

After all was said and done, Chris Brown apparently went to his dressing room and wrecked shop. I don't see how that was called for. And, as if that weren't enough, he then took to Twitter rehashing his victim-hood for the Team Breezy.

One valid point he made, was the difference in his exile and Charlie Sheen's lack thereof. Both have attacked women, both have gone into documented rages. But only Chris has been publicly exiled.

Many things could account for this:

1. The pic of Rihanna's battered face was very public vs. Sheen's relative low key beat-downs

2. Rihanna is a megawatt celebrity vs Sheen's C-list/unknown partners

3. Sheen has been a Hollywood fixture for decades vs Chris's more recent fame

4. Chris's blackness vs Sheen's whiteness

What do I find more plausible? Numbers 1 and 2. That photo was graphic and widely distributed, there was no denying that someone badly beat Rihanna. And that someone was Chris. Think of it like Beyonce getting hit vs. Brandy. Both incidents of violence would be terrible, but only one would become an international headline.

I was also able to find Robin's reaction on the Gayle King Show:

I hope Chris returns to GMA to clear the air. Apologizing on BET's 106 and Park/Twitter doesn't cut the mustard.