Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the Vexation of Quesh

Alright, so two things....

1. I always thought precocious meant cute, until today when I looked it up (trying to blow off steam). And precocious actually means for a child to acquire a skill or talent early (or ahead of its peers). Which leads to the "cute" or "quirky" word association.

2. After looking up precocious, and still feeling exasperated, I wanted to find a synonym for FRUSTRATED and came across VEX. The word that most accurately described how I was feeling! Vexed.

So, ok, three things...

3. I am steadily learning not to take the tantrums or opposition I experience in the classroom personally. This behavior is not about me. It is about the child trying to express the goings-on in his head. There is a reason this is a Special Ed. class. And I am here to lead these children toward a more productive way of handling stress. (Like looking up our feelings; in the dictionary, instead of shutting down and banging heads...which is easier said than done, especially on days like today)