Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It feels good

We all know that giving is the 'right' thing to do. In fact, that's what I've been told just about every time I've stepped foot inside a church.

It's called tithing, or giving at least 10% of your earnings (or increase) away. Generally, it goes to the place where you worship.

To be honest, I've seen enough giving by less than wealthy parishioners, to more than 'fortunate' pastors, to make me sick to my stomach. (But that's another post altogether)

So my lack of 'worship' put me in a bind because I still believe giving is essential to one's growth and success as a human being. But I had been left without a place to give since I began wondering in the 'wilderness' some years ago.

Then, ironically, a Donald Trump book helped me out. In, "The Negotiation (I believe that's the title) the Donald said he gives away at least 10% of his fortune every year, because he believes giving is not exclusive to religion, but has everything to do with being successful.

Thus, it was confirmed, and I resolved within myself that whether I attended church or not, I would give. To the homeless, to rape victims, to my grandparents, to a local classroom. It didn't matter, I just had to give to someone in need.

And I have. And I'm glad I do. ;O)

Here are some I patronize:

1. Doctors without Borders (Provides medical relief to disaster areas worldwide)
2. Donors Choose (lets donors choose a classroom to gift items to)
3. Care (Advocates rights and assistance to women worldwide)

Come on, Try it! You'll like it.

Also, Please leave any worthy organizations in the comments section!