Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm in love with a Singer

A few singers as a matter of fact.

They are known on the street as Kidz Bop.

OhMyGosh, they're like my guilty pleasure. I have them on my iPod en masse. My boys and I sing along to them on the way to school in the morning; (with me dancing a little too enthusiastically at the steering wheel). I know I can't really be the only parent digging them, right??

I may actually love the Kidz Bop mixes more than my Glee albums (the horror)!

Now, occasionally, I will be thrown off by the Kidz singing something that was very much written for an adult audience (Burn by Usher, anyone?). Moments like that are weird, kinda like turning around to find your toddler singing the lyrics to Jupiter Love, when you thought he was obliviously playing his DS (shaking my head with shame).

But by and large, I love Kidz Bop. I drive to them, workout with them, and bond with my boys through their lyrics.

So on that note....My name is Queshia, and I'm a Kidz-Bop-aholic

Sorry, Justin Bieber, you never had a chance hun ;O)