Monday, February 21, 2011

Conservation/Ecological contest for Chicagoland kids!

For those with children that attend Chicago-area schools; consider having them submit a 7-word poem about the earth/nature.

Send their poems here with you child's name, age, grade level, and school included.

The boys entries were pretty swell/cute, so I hope they have a shot at nabbing that Zoo pass! (Fingers-crossed)

And here's what I submitted for GP (I couldn't resist):

Logs by: LaQueshia

Wise refuge
Crest of ecosystems
Elevating life

(Back Story) Soon after learning of this contest, I was chatting it up with my baby sis and she mentioned seeing an AWESOME Magic School Bus episode about the majesty and usefulness of logs. And I was inspired, thus the poem.

But, I can only hope that we adults, began to pass on a respect and awe for nature onto our children.