Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ain't that some Cheesehead-ed 'ish!

*Back story*
WI has a strong Labor history and culture. Scott Walker, Republican governor of WI has a state deficit. He wants to cut at the deficit by eliminating the wage-bargaining rights of public employees. (teachers, security guards, state employees, everyone except Policemen and Fire fighters....hmmmmm).

And since the Democrats are currently the minority party in WI, they have fled the state in an attempt to make the Gov. negotiate the terms of this bill. In turn, the Gov. has sent State police to find the Democrats, and is publicly stating that he will not bargain, budge, or converse with the Dems about changing the nature of his bill.
*End of back story*

What really concerns/bothers me about Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker is that he is not interested in listening. At all.

So, say what you will about unions, they are not perfect, however, neutering their ability to advocate on the behalf of their members seems wrong (and unAmerican, doggone it!).

After all, the WI unions have conceded on important points (wage freezes, increases in health-care and insurance deductibles for their members). Which says to me, these unions are at the table, Scott Walker just refuses to meet them there.

Being obstinate is not leadership. It is not democratic either. To disregard protesting constituents, and take to cable-news programs to talk up your resolve to ignore the opposition, is down-right disrespectful.

And as an individual chosen to govern a diverse populous, one would think the best approach to difficult/contentious problems is active engagement, not grand-standing.

Putting aside my hatred of the Packers/Wackers, I wouldn't wish Gov. Scott Walker's leadership on any American.

Solidarity, my Cheese-headed Americans. Solidarity.

Looks like some New Yorkers feel the same way: