Sunday, February 6, 2011


I saw Oprah the other day and learned that approx. 1% of the American population is serving in the Armed Forces (which is currently engaged in two of the longest wars in the HISTORY of our country)!!!

1% out of 100%

Not that I want more people to join (not by a long shot), but GEESH, 1% of Americans are experiencing ALL the trauma, stress, and chronic separation these wars have brought.

And on top of that, some families within that 1% have more than one service member down-range (overseas).

In my family alone there were four people deployed THIS YEAR/LAST YEAR. And that's in my immediate family. As in family I regularly talk to, email, Facebook, or randomly crash on their couch with my kids during an (unannounced ;0) road-trip.

Gotta love family!

1. my spouse (thank God he's home)
2. my Aunt (from who I was able to receive pearls of wisdom before she deployed)
3. my bro-in-law (not to be confused with the bro who just took a beating in Scrabble)
4. my cousin (who is still a kid to me, but a soldier all the same)