Sunday, January 30, 2011

they pulled me back in...

I knew I was a PC long before the awesome counter-Mac commercials ran a few years ago. I had been all my life.

Well, except that brief time in my tween years when my Nana's green-screen desktop; filled with detective games galore caught my eye and weekends....but I was most definitely a PC.

Macs were cocky and complicated and most importantly, not PCs.

Then I "bought" (his money, my blessing :0) husband-man a Mac after his deployment to Afghanistan, and he kept trying to force it's Mac-ness on me.

"Babe, its so easy..."
"Look how streamlined it is!"
"Once you go Mac, you never go back"

But I resisted. I loved my PC. A lovely grey Dell laptop. With its not-at-all intimidating features and familiarity. The same laptop that had played Netflix Indies online during the long deployments. The PC that had continued to hold study for all-nighters in MicrosoftWord for last minute essays for school.

Then it happened! I return from a trip to Europe only to discover my PC has crashed. And crashed hard! Tech-guy husband couldn't seem to fix it. (Which may have been a cunning ploy to win me over to the dark side....hmmmmmmm...)

Then in one felled swoop, he bought me a Mac. A gorgeous white MacBook Pro.

So I guess my technology has a little more fluidity than I thought. I feel myself being drawn into the sexy features and feather-light strokes I can use on the keys....I'm just saying

This chick may be a Mac, or at least Mac-curious :0)