Sunday, January 30, 2011

they pulled me back in...

I knew I was a PC long before the awesome counter-Mac commercials ran a few years ago. I had been all my life.

Well, except that brief time in my tween years when my Nana's green-screen desktop; filled with detective games galore caught my eye and weekends....but I was most definitely a PC.

Macs were cocky and complicated and most importantly, not PCs.

Then I "bought" (his money, my blessing :0) husband-man a Mac after his deployment to Afghanistan, and he kept trying to force it's Mac-ness on me.

"Babe, its so easy..."
"Look how streamlined it is!"
"Once you go Mac, you never go back"

But I resisted. I loved my PC. A lovely grey Dell laptop. With its not-at-all intimidating features and familiarity. The same laptop that had played Netflix Indies online during the long deployments. The PC that had continued to hold study for all-nighters in MicrosoftWord for last minute essays for school.

Then it happened! I return from a trip to Europe only to discover my PC has crashed. And crashed hard! Tech-guy husband couldn't seem to fix it. (Which may have been a cunning ploy to win me over to the dark side....hmmmmmmm...)

Then in one felled swoop, he bought me a Mac. A gorgeous white MacBook Pro.

So I guess my technology has a little more fluidity than I thought. I feel myself being drawn into the sexy features and feather-light strokes I can use on the keys....I'm just saying

This chick may be a Mac, or at least Mac-curious :0)

Friday, January 28, 2011

I don't wanna miss a single thing

After much fear and trepidation I applied for a certification (in Nov actually) that had been well within my grasp for over a year. Yes, I know. Why had I waited a year?

I guess I wasn't mentally prepared for the next step. I'm not sure that I really am "prepared" now. But what I do know is that I am most decidedly moving forward.

And my stomach has to run to catch up!

I had been thinking and processing my career moves, education, and future for so long that I wasn't actually tackling it anymore. I was kinda letting moves "happen" to me, instead of by me.

Granted, this moved wasn't precipitated by the United States of Queshia. I just happened to get pissed off enough to swerve into another lane.

So now that I'm certified by the state of IL, and can legally administer some assistance to the students therein....I still feel the jittery butterflies...

But really, that is what its about..growing up...taking charge. I'm going to have to accept the fact that I can't stay 27 forever.

(In about two more years, I'll decide I've had enough of 27 and move on to 28, I promise :0).

being resilient, learning self defense, and pressing one's hair, that what Soul Sista's about right about now...

Now all I need is one of Oprah's guru's to assist me in finding a two second beauty regiment :0).

At least I'd look hot while waiting for my stomach to catch up with me.