Sunday, August 15, 2010

Intrinsic Value

I read an article last month in O magazine about assigning value to objects in our lives; and it's still resonating in my mind and spirit.

It essentially stated:

1. The things that bring us the most joy; add the most value to our live should be afforded most time, effort, and money.

2. Things that add minimal joy but are essential should be afforded a minimal amount of time, sweat and finances.

3. And finally things that add no joy or value, that are not essential should receive none of our resources.

The first aspect I applied this to was clothing. I love thrift stores and have been known to purchase crap because its cheap. So I made a resolution to spend top dollar on things I really love, that are functional. And ignore frivolous items that don't add value to my closet. And things I only sorta like but need, like black turtle necks for winter, should have minimal funds spent on them.

But as certain frustrations began to arise in my life and day-to-day schedule I began to realize that some things that are really important to me and value-added were being neglected.

And sometimes the hardest thing to do is to walk away from relationships, activities, and occupations that are mentally and physically draining; while offering no value to our lives.

That takes courage. I aspire to be a little more courageous everyday. I am going to have to change course.

Check on your girl cause it ain't easy, not by a long-shot.