Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Meat Slurppy?

This just found on Face Book (thanks Dawn), via the HuffingtonPost was so totally sick that I felt bile rise in my throat.
This is a picture of mechanically separated meat. The type of meat used for popular snacks and kids' food. Like nuggets, and jerky, and appetizers. I am speechless. How many times have I digested this slop or given it to my boys for nourishment?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The story of Blue (Bleu)

Sis had pup.

Now pup's mine.

Saw pup run.

Then pup grew.

And pup cost.

But pup sweet, pup don't bite.

City hate pup.

Pup must go.

Pretty Blue pup, needs new home.

Free to friends pup, cost a little to strangers pup.

Come see my Blue pup run.

My baby is for sale $196.78 obo He comes neutered, vaccinated, house-broken, with a crate, leash, harness, toys, and muzzle. Drop me a line if you are interested.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

You are.....not a Muslim

Soooooo seriously-utterly-hilariously-sad.


Got fired. Released, let go, laid off. Being fired, even unfairly has to be one of the most embarrassing things to happen to a person. It's like being publicly dumped.

All your co-workers are still good enough to hang on; but you're obviously broken in some way.

TO go from being part of the in-circle to be told "No, you can't clean your desk out."

Politely, "I'm sorry, but they don't need you anymore."

Unemployment hell. Well, unless you kinda enjoy it. Are productive, get your eyebrows threaded, shop for killer heels.....then proceed to churn out three papers in four days.....

Unceremoniously released. No reason; other than the obvious ones which everyone knows.....

Hired back, in a new position that feels more like a sympathy date than a perfect match.

I was only tryin' to get ahead.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Intrinsic Value

I read an article last month in O magazine about assigning value to objects in our lives; and it's still resonating in my mind and spirit.

It essentially stated:

1. The things that bring us the most joy; add the most value to our live should be afforded most time, effort, and money.

2. Things that add minimal joy but are essential should be afforded a minimal amount of time, sweat and finances.

3. And finally things that add no joy or value, that are not essential should receive none of our resources.

The first aspect I applied this to was clothing. I love thrift stores and have been known to purchase crap because its cheap. So I made a resolution to spend top dollar on things I really love, that are functional. And ignore frivolous items that don't add value to my closet. And things I only sorta like but need, like black turtle necks for winter, should have minimal funds spent on them.

But as certain frustrations began to arise in my life and day-to-day schedule I began to realize that some things that are really important to me and value-added were being neglected.

And sometimes the hardest thing to do is to walk away from relationships, activities, and occupations that are mentally and physically draining; while offering no value to our lives.

That takes courage. I aspire to be a little more courageous everyday. I am going to have to change course.

Check on your girl cause it ain't easy, not by a long-shot.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Feeling so Me and inBetween-y

Shoes Pictures, Images and Photos

If I were a small shoe; size 6.2
Or a snail even….not a snail, that’s too slimy
Perhaps a shoe is better, and I am red
Not red. Red is hot and hot is not what I am today.
I am a size 6.2 florescent turquoise shoe.

My underside is a little scruffy, but that’s ok
Because I have been worn.
Not too much, but enough to have residue along the edges of my frame.
Enough to be broken in.
I am a size 6.2 broken in shoe.

I have a peek-toe and high arch
On my turquoise self.
Both of which help me to see a little clearer.
Both have coerced me to stand apart from the multitude
Of red and black and polka dotted,
Much larger sized shoes.

I long to swim, but I was not
Built for that.
Flight would be otherworldly
And I was not built for that either.
Not in the traditional sense. I must
Find a way to Levitate.

I am a size 6.2 florescent turquoise
Peek-toe high heel,
Scruffy bottom shoe.
And I was made to walk. But I shall
Climb. Then levitate.

Specific places will be discerned later.
I will see when I arrive.
When I Arrive
As a size 6.2 arched back,
Florescent turquoise, peek-toe, scruffy bottomed, levitating

Sunday, April 18, 2010

You down with O.P.P.?

So twice in the last two months I've been confronted with protective, if that's the right word, spouses.

The first time I made an assumption about what someone' wishes were, only to find out I was pretty far left field....

So I accepted the correction, immediately apologized and moved on.

Yesterday, however, was a different story all together.

Here's the long and the short of it.....

I attended a wedding, posted two pictures with the bride and relatives....

Bride calls and wants them down, I take them down....

Bride calls back and says her husband wants them down, I tell her they're down....

Bride calls AGAIN, and asks how many were up and how many are down.....

Pretty pissed now I tell her two were up of her and two are now deleted of her, however, the other pictures stay.

Finished, I call my Aunt to vent, wipe my hands and proceed with my day until......

GROOM calls me! And asks what was up and what is down?

So I get snappy with groom as he and his thick accent get snappy with me....and I hang up.....sigh...now I want to kick something...

What do you think, should there have been a 'memo' to request all pictures off networking sites, or was I completely out of line for posting them?

The groom felt I should have asked his permission to post a picture of his wife (his exact words)....all urges to vomit aside, should I have asked permission first?

BTW, the picture above is me at the wedding, which should be ok to post it since I'm not Other People's Property. :o)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

AmErykah the Beautiful

Ok, this sista, Erykah Badu is amazing. I love her look , her confidence, her words and songs....

Her New Vid for Window Seat made my JAWS DROP just about as quick as her clothes did.

I don't know ya'll.

I know I have body issues. Don't think you'll ever see me getting liberated in public....but seeing her love her liberation does make me arch my shoulders back and hold my head up a little higher.

I know one thing, they're having a hissy fit down in Dallas.

Tell me what you think; was she right, wrong, out of line?

I wanna Rock right now...

Now if these guys aren't the most AweSOMEest Powderpuff Cheerleaders ever!!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My man!

I was just in a through discussion about gay/homosexual rights and discrimination last week on Facebook. So for Adm. Mike Mullen to step out and support ending the discriminatory DADT policy of the US Armed Forces.....

I tip my hat. :o)

How we treat our Service men and women, whether they be gay or straight or black or white, says alot about who we are as a country.

I'm glad there is a leader that will voice his opinion knowing he will be met with the derision of millions of people and hundreds of Congressmen who have never served.

Friday, January 29, 2010

The wonder years...

My oldest sister will turn 30 in a few months time, while my oldest baby will be eight next month. Where has the time gone?

As a little girl I remember laying awake dreaming about the future dreams, goals, and hopes I had.

I look up and that time is here. My sisters and I have grown up and moved away, just as I've recently come home.

But looking at the this picture always makes me smile. It reminds me of pressing combs, Easter baskets, Grandpa's yard.

My own version of the Wonder Years.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Baby by me

I want a Haitian baby.

Finally said it out loud the other day. Said it at work.

Got a blank stare.

Said Haitian baby girl to a friend. Got a "What?"

I want a Haitian baby girl.

Take her away from the rubble. The hunger, the dirt.

I want a baby girl to rescue. Someone's gotta do.

Let it be me.

I want a baby by Haiti.

I give a baby by Haiti.

I'll find a baby by Haiti.

Tu hablas espanol?

So, I'm taking a Spanish for Educators course. Boy,do I wish I had paid more attention Senior year in H.S. Or even Freshman year in College. Although many words and grammar facts are coming back, I can't help but think of the head start I relinquished by not studying more.

This class has also made me think about the way Spanish speakers are often treated in America. Ever hear the refrain, "You're here now, so speak English"? As if by magic a year's worth of study will transform someone into a fluent speaker. If only it were that easy.

Its ironic, because although we want our children to acquire an additional language, we all know its profitable; others are often marginalized for not speaking our native-tongue. As if learning to read, write, and speak English were the simplest thing in the world.

Watching the social workers, teachers, and now a principal struggle to remember the Spanish alphabet made a light go off in my head. If it is this difficult to learn a language that isn't proficiently spoken in your home, and you already hold a B.A, M.A, or P.h. D; how must it be for children from other countries who are placed in a foreign school and sometimes hostile environment?

As simple as uno, dos, tres? Not by a long shot.