Sunday, August 23, 2009

I got my kid a better Teacher!

Last year I had to transfer my eldest from the superb Treetops International Charter school in Euless, TX. To a neighborhood school here in Illinois.

Not only was the school rating lower, but his teacher was completely disinterested in engaging me as a parent. The students worked in workbooks ALL DAY!

He only had three weeks there, but it was torture. I am pursuing my teaching degree and I wanted to slap her with my righteous indignation. But, alas I did not. However, much like doctors, I think teachers should have to take a Hippocratic Oath of sorts.

So thank the Lord for personal contacts, because I was able to find a school whose attitude better fits our family. I meet his new teacher in Monday, and am much more excited than he currently is.

Let the learning begin!