Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chicago's own Uprising

Hat-tip to Schools Matter for posting about the educational uprising taking place within the Chicago Public Schools system.

Apparently a organization of teachers called C.O.R.E or Coalition of Rank and File Educators has had enough of being ignored in the school reform process.

They have filed a grievance against the city of Chicago and are quite displeased with President Obama's Education Secretary, Arne Duncan, as well.

Over the past few years schools have been closed and wide swatches of experienced, and predominately African American teachers have been fired. The replacement teachers have been non-minority and less experienced than their predecessors. Educators have not be consulted or brought into the conversation on how to improve CPS.

C.O.R.E seems to have a legitimate arguments. It will be interesting to see whether their cause will spark national/statewide media attention, or the President's ear; since this is indeed his community.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Our Iran

My heart is with the Iranian people.

Friday was their Presidential election. It appears as though the entire episode was a sham.

Now the people have risen in revolt. They want their votes counted.

I stand in solidarity with these brave men and women. And I hope President Obama continues to express his desire to see the Iranians allowed to protest without fear of reprisal.

When Russia bombed Georgia in 2008, then Republican Presidential contender John McCain said we are all Georgians, however the U.S. stopped short of having any meaningful impact on the situation.

Today I pray that we are all Iranians. And that Americans would show their support for this nation of people wanting rightful representation.