Thursday, April 9, 2009

So this is what life is like....

My toddlers were arguing today. Yes, a two y/o and three y/o can actually argue.

As my head was volleying back and forth to understand their conflict, it dawned on me that they were really REAL.

I mean of course I've known they aren't dolls. I knew that when I had to wake up every two to three hours to nurse them as babies. But man, the realization that two of my Chocolattes' have independent thoughts and feelings, and positions for goodness sakes; already, was quite startling.

I feel as though its quite possible that when #2 is staring off into space he is really pondering something. It's kinda awe-inspiring. And frightening....

So I said this prayer:

Lord, help me to raise my boys to be thinking, thoughtful, and strong men.