Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Are Army Brats Getting Short-Changed?

Is it fair for children of our Armed Forces to be moved so often? Does the relative lack of stability pose a risk to their mental health?

These are the questions I find myself asking lately. When my boys were younger they didn't know Kansas from Albuquerque. Or Tombstone from Tanzania. But now they do. Now all but one of them understand what it means when I them the movers are coming.

Don't get me wrong, we signed up for this way of life whole-heartily. My husband and I both had scholarships and had been accepted into two great schools in MO. I admittedly wanted to go to a traditional school more than he did, but we both had the option and changed our plans.

He signed up, I married him, and off we went....

It's been great too; from Kansas I learned all about family values and lots of religion (but that's another story). From Arizona I discovered the South West, open-mindedness, and met a few great friends that I still talk with. In Okinawa, oh my goodness, what can I say about Oki.

We. Loved. It.

Period, hands down, we loved it. I saw a beautiful culture, made Japanese and Korean friends, tutored children, helped with the FRG (army term for Wives Club). It was great. And the best part was that my boys loved and understood it's beauty, too.

So now is the hard part, saying good bye to friends once again. Getting new schools. And starting over. The older two are quite excited to be returning to their Grandparents, but in the back of my mind, I wonder. Is this too much for them. Do they need one community to call home?

That is what my husband and I had.

I know my children feel safe and loved, but this is a question I will pondered until we've seen our last Duty Station, PCSed for the last time, and waved good bye to that final base.

Any Army/Navy/Marine/Air Force Brats out there? Give me your two cents. I would love to hear it.

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